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               Terms and Conditions
Let your customer find you 24/7 through our on-line shopping cart, even when your not available. Our new program allows you to set up your new store away from home and make money even when your not there to sell.
 Each Vendor will agree to a minimum 6 month agreement. Vendors may also execute long term site arrangements. Branding is very important to our sales staff and your long term success. Rent an ad space long term to brand your name, service, or product this is what helps build weekly traffic and build revenue streams for your company. We would love to have you as our vendor guest any time your ready to work with our sales team and get started. For a copy of your vendor agreement  please contact us at the number below or go to the contact us tab and a representative will be in touch within 24 hrs. We look forward to working with you in the near future. 

How Bazzar LLC

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