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The level of service at How Bazzar was amazing. They have so many wonderful options to choose from name brands plus. 
Sherri P Denver Co.
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find the cost effectivness as How Bazzar offers in this venue. Keep up the good work!”
Terry Holder Michigan
Whatever your looking for it's at the How Bazzar Vendor Outlet Mall, So many name brands at discounted prices.  I just couldn't stop shopping, Im sending all my friends over to How Bazzar, it's the best Vendor outlet center In Texas Thanks,
Colin Stewart Chicago Ill
So many vendors under one roof. I am truly satisfied with the time we took to enjoy the entire complex . It was well worth it to take my family and have a great experience on the weekend. What a fantastic concept. We will return again.   Grats
William in Kentucky